Low Noise Amplifiers

TriQuint offers a variety of transistors and amplifiers with industry-leading low noise performance. We provide multiple product solutions, ranging from discrete transistors, packaged MMIC solutions incorporating internal matching and on-chip linearization, and dual amplifiers for use as push-pull or balanced amplifier configurations. TriQuint's low noise amplifiers are manufactured using our pHEMT processes with 0.15 µm, 0.25 µm or 0.5 µm gate lengths.

Key Benefits

  • Ultra-low noise figure, as low as 0.4 dB NF
  • Integrated active biasing for most parts
  • Integrated on-chip matching for most parts
  • Available as die or packaged


  • GPS
  • Base station
  • Point-to-point radio
  • Optical
  • Automotive radar
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