Power Amplifiers

The CMM0530-LC is a highly efficient multi-mode power amplifier GaAs MMIC intended for use in portable telephone handsets and data communications products for wireless communications. It meets the handset requirements for cellular AMPS, and the CDMA and TDMA digital standards for the US cellular wireless communications. CMM0530-LC is a member of the new Triniti DX Pro™amplifier family whose members are pin-compatible and all operate under 3.5V bias voltage. The CMM0530-LC is packaged in a low-cost, plastic, LCC-8 power package. It has low thermal impedance and low RF loss. The device requires minimum amount of external biasing and RF matching circuits.


  • Multi-Mode Operation as Low as 3.0V

  • 42% Linear Power Added Efficiency

  • 55% Analog Power Added Efficiency

  • New Low-Cost, Plastic LCC-8 Package

  • 29 dB Gain

  • Tested Under Digital Modulation

  • PHEMT Material Technology




  • IS-98/AMPS Handsets

  • IS-136/AMPS Cellular Handsets

  • 900 MHz ISM Band Products

  • Wireless Local Loop Subscriber Terminals






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