.0003 to 25.0

.0003 to 25.0
Part # XD1008-QH
Key features

17 dB Small Signal Gain
24 dBm Saturated Power
3.0 dB Noise Figure
Unconditional Stability over Temperature Range 
4x4mm Fully Molded Standard QFN Package 
100% RF & DC Testing


Mimix Broadband’s 30 kHz – 32 GHz MMIC 
distributed amplifier has a gain of 17 dB and 
provides 24 dBm saturated power with 3.0 dB 
Noise Figure. The device comes in an RoHS 
compliant 4x4mm QFN surface mount package 
offering excellent RF and thermal properties. The 
device’s broad bandwidth operation makes it very 
versatile for microwave and millimeter applications 
such as instrumentation, EW and commercial 
communication systems.

Frequency (GHz) .0003-25.0
Gain (dB) 15.0
Gain Flatness (dB) +/-0.75
Noise Figure (dB) 3.5
Output IP3 (dBm) +22.5
OIP3 (dBm) +27.0
Bias (mA @ V) 200 @ 7.0
Package () -QH (4x4 mm)
Markets () I / P / D
Typical Applications

Driver for LiNb03 Modulator @ OC192 bit
rate SONET/SHD Transmission Systems
Medium Power Linear Gain Block for
Broadband Systems