.0003 to 30.0

.0003 to 30.0
Part # CMM3030-BD .
Key features

❏ Small Size
❏ High Gain: 9 dB Typical
❏ Output Voltage up to 7.5 V Peak-to-Peak
❏ 30 kHz to 30 GHz Bandwidth
❏ Low Gain Ripple: 1.0 dB pp Typical
❏ Sub 0.25 Micron PHEMT


The CMM3030-BD is a precision GaAs MMIC,
medium power amplifier and is part of Celeritek’s family of
WideFiber™ products.
The CMM3030-BD optical driver amplifier gives
fiber optic system designers a unique combination of wideband frequency coverage, along with a flat response and very
low internal jitter. It is a precision PHEMT GaAs MMIC
medium power amplifier with +23 dBm @ P1dB. It operates
from 30 kHz to 30 GHz with a 9 dB linear gain. Low internal
jitter makes it especially well suited for high speed digital
data applications. Maximum output voltage is 7.5 V peak-topeak.
It is an excellent choice as a driver amplifier for
Lithium Niobate (Mach-Zehnder) external optical modulators,
to achieve high extinction ratio. Targeted for OC-192/STM64
metropolitan and long-haul dense wave-division multiplexed
optical networking applications and other high speed applications. The bit rate can be as high as 15 Gb/s to provide overhead for forward error-correction algorithms. The bias voltage
can be adjusted to reduce the output voltage as needed.
CMM3030-BD amplifiers are shipped in Gel Pack
from Celeritek’s foundry.

Frequency (GHz) .0003-30.0
Gain (dB) 9.0
Gain Flatness (dB) +/-0.5
Noise Figure (dB) 4.5
Output IP3 (dBm) +23.0
OIP3 (dBm) +30.0
Bias (mA @ V) 275 @ 8.0
Package () DIE
Markets () I / D
Typical Applications

❏ Driver Amplifier for LiNb03 Modulator @
OC192 bit rate SONET/SHD Transmission
❏ Medium Power Linear Gain Block for
Broadband Systems