0.05 to 4.0 GHz

0.05 to 4.0 GHz
Part # XG1001-SA
Key features

Matched Pair of Amplifiers for Optimum Balanced Design
0.05 to 4.0 GHz Frequency Range
44 dBm Output IP3 (Balanced configuration)
41 dBm Output IP3 (Single-ended configuration)
13 dB Gain @ 2 GHz
22.5 dBm P1dBm
2.1 dB Noise Figure
RoHS Compliant SOIC-8 Package
Single Positive Supply
+3V to +5V Voltage Rail


The XG1001-SA is a dual high dynamic range amplifier designed for 
applications operation within the 0.05 to 4.0 GHz frequency range. 
Co-located matched amplifiers are assembled in an RoHS compliant 
SOIC-8 package. The XG1001-SA is an ideal solution for 
implementing balanced or push-pull designs. The amplifier can also 
be used for dual-band operation where single-ended design is used 
for each band. The amplifier has the flexibility of being optimized 
for a number of wireless applications. The combination of low noise 
figure and high IP3 at the same bias point make it an ideal transmit 
or receive solution when used in applications including CATV 
operating from 50 to 850 MHz, cellular and PCS (personal 
communications service) operating from 0.8 to 2.2 GHz; MMDS 
(multichannel multipoint distribution systems) operating from 2.2 
to 2.7 GHz; and WLAN (wireless LAN) operation at 2.4 GHz. All 
devices are 100% RF and DC tested.

Frequency (GHz) 0.05-4.0
P1dB (dBm) +23.0 (+26.0*)
Gain (dB) 13.0
Icc (mA) 150
Output IP3 (dBm) +41.0 (+44.0*)
Voltage (V) +3.0 to +5.0
NF (dB) 2.1
Package () -SA (SOIC-8)
Markets () I / S / P / D
Typical Applications
  • Wireless Local Loop Transmit and Receive
  • UNH Transmit and Receive
  • Dual Band 802.11 WLAN
  • WiMAX
  • LAN