0,7 to 2.8

0,7 to 2.8
Part # XG1005-SC(@ 900 MHz)
Key features

Integrated Active Bias Circuit
20 dB of Gain @ 900 MHz
27 dBm P1dB
45 dBm OIP3
ESD Protection
Low Thermal Resistance
+5V Single Voltage Supply


The XG1005-SC is a single stage, medium power, high 
linearity class A amplifier designed for high linearity 
applications operating between 0.6 and 2.8 GHz. This MMIC 
has an integrated active bias circuit allowing direct 
connection to +5V supply and is available in industry 
standard RoHS compliant SOT-89 package. Mimix’s
InGap HBT technology, low thermal resistance and 
integrated ESD protection significantly enhances the 
quality, reliability and ruggedness of this product.

Frequency (GHz) 0,7-2.8
P1dB (dBm) +27.0
Gain (dB) 20.0
Icc (mA) 250
Output IP3 (dBm) +44.5
Voltage (V) +5.0 / +5.0
NF (dB) 5.0
Package () -SC (SOT-89)
Markets () I / S / P / D
Typical Applications
  • Wireless Local Loop Transmit and Receive
  • UNH Transmit and Receive
  • Dual Band 802.11 WLAN
  • WiMAX
  • LAN