2.0 to 22.0

2.0 to 22.0
Part # CMM0016-BD
Key features

Ultra Wide Band Power Amplifier
Compact Size/Self Bias Architecture
Positive Gain Slope
10.0 dB Small Signal Gain
+30.0 dBm P1dB Compression Point
+39.0 dBm Third Order Intercept
100% Visual Inspection to MIL-STD-883
Method 2010


Mimix Broadband’s distributed 2.0-22.0 GHz GaAs 
MMIC power amplifier has a small signal gain of 10.0 
dB with a +30.0 dBm P1dB output compression point. 
This MMIC uses Mimix Broadband’s 0.3 µm GaAs 
PHEMT device model technology, and is based upon 
electron beam lithography to ensure high 
repeatability and uniformity. The chip has surface 
passivation to protect and provide a rugged part with 
backside via holes and gold metallization to allow 
either a conductive epoxy or eutectic solder die 
attach process.

Frequency (GHz) 2.0-22.0
Gain (dB) 10.0
Gain Flatness (dB) +/-1.0
Noise Figure (dB) 7.5
Output IP3 (dBm) +30.0
OIP3 (dBm) +41.0
Bias (mA @ V) 690 @ 12.0
Package () DIE
Markets () I / D
Typical Applications

 This device is well suited for Test 
Instrumentation, Military, Space, Microwave 
Point-to-Point Radio, SATCOM and VSAT applications.