Ka Band High Power Amplifier

Ka Band High Power Amplifier
Part # TGA1073B-SCC
Key features
  • 0.25 um pHEMT technology
  • 25 dB nominal gain @ 28 GHz
  • 28.5 dBm nominal Pout @ P1dB (7V)
  • -38 dBc IMR3 @ 18 dBm SCL
  • Bias 6 to 8 V @ 420 mA
  • Chip dimensions: 3.12 mm x 2.15 mm

The TriQuint TGA1073B-SCC is a three stage HPA MMIC design using TriQuint's proven 0.25 um Power pHEMT process. The TGA1073B-SCC is designed to support a variety of millimeter wave applications including point-to-point digital radio and LMDS/LMCS and Ka band satellite ground terminals.

The three stage design consists of a 2 x 300 um input stage driving a 2 x 600 um interstage followed by a 4 x 600 um output stage. The TGA1073B-SCC provides 28.5 dBm nominal output power at 1dB compression across 27 - 32 GHz. Typical small signal gain is 25 dB at 28 GHz and 18 dB at 32 GHz.

The TGA1073B-SCC requires minimum off-chip components. Each device is 100% DC and RF tested on-wafer to ensure performance compliance. The device is available in chip form.

Frequency (GHz) 27 to 32
PAE (%)
IQ (mA) 420
Typical Applications
Commercial Radar Electronic Warfare
Communication Systems Military Radar
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