Linear Power Amplifier Module

Linear Power Amplifier Module
Part # CHP1232-PM
Key features
  • InGaP HBT Technology
  • 6mm Square, 50 Ohm Power Module
  • Single Positive Supply
  • Operation as Low as 3.2V
  • 35% Linear Power Added Efficiency
  • +28.0 dBm Output Power (IS-98 CDMA Mode)
  • 30 dB Gain at Operating Output Power
  • On-Board Power Down Mode

The CHP1232-PM is a 50 ohm matched, single supply, linear power amplifier module intended for use in PCS handsets and wireless local loop subscriber units. The solution uses only 50% of the board space of currently available power amplifiers. The highly integrated amplifier meets the requirements of PCS-1900 or IS-98 (CDMA) systems. It is a member of Celeritek’s new TrueTriangle™family of 3V power amplifier modules.
The CHP1232-PM is packaged in a low-cost, space efficient, 6mm square, matched module that provides excellent electrical stability and low thermal resistance. The module operates from a fixed positive voltage and requires no external matching which significantly reduces space, cost and enhances ease of use. This device is unconditionally stable under all source and load impedances.

Frequency (GHz)
PAE (%)
IQ (mA) 220
Typical Applications
  • PCS Handsets
  • PCS Infrastructure
  • Wireless Local Loop Subscriber Units
  • CDMA One Handsets
  • 1X WCDMA 3G Handsets